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we just got in from a katie bar the door game of lawn hockey in the back yard. we played intil we couldn't see the puck.
getting ready to eat my homemade chicken soup. put in white beans into of pasta. have some corn bread crackers that should go well.

I have never heard of "corn bread crackers". What company makes them?
I just woke up and am trying to wake up. I'm trying to decide whether to get groceries this morning or wait until tonight. Either way, the fun-filled trip has to be done.
I'll be getting my groceries this afternoon.
I'd go tomorrow morning, but I don't know if they have anyone at the seafood counter that early.
I'm at work. I'm hoping its going to be a quiet day here. Kids seem to be mostly settled, but one never knows. Yesterday was fine til I was about to leave then all hell broke loose.
Boneless Lamb Sirloin Chops are $4.99/lb, on sale. Looks like we (at least me) will be having some lamb. I think I'll be doing some onions in the slow cooker, too.

But, right now...I'm hanging out in my PJ's contemplating maybe getting up to do anything.
I was going to help my daughter with a Science project, but she has decided to bake with her mother this afternoon, so the "Element Cube" will wait until tomorrow. I have found myself with a free afternoon. So, to make a long story longer, I'm not doing anything and I'm not sure that is going to change in the near future...
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Just got back from having lunch with my 9 year old grandson. We went shopping, trying to get ideas for Christmas. Then we went to the dollar store and he found a harmonica, he said that he would go down in the basement to play it. I don't know what it is going to sound like for only 1 dollar. :)
Came home with a half-dozen books from the library. It's been rainy - good reading weather - so I'm trying to decide which one to start first.
buckytom said:

we just got in from a katie bar the door game of lawn hockey in the back yard. we played intil we couldn't see the puck.

Makes me think of my childhood, and when my kids were little. Too bad the grandsons don't live closer...we would probably still be out playing in the dark. By the way, when my boys were little, we had a glow in the dark puck. I bet someone still makes them!
Put out the severed heads. Pulled up the remaining frost bitten veg stalks and salvaged some green cherry tomatoes. I think I will try making a very tiny batch of green tomato jam.
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