Whatcha chowin' on tonight on free-for-all Friday?

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The fat in the pot roast that I was referring to was in the meat! I'd take a bite and have a full mouthful of fat. Yuck. I froze most of it. I discovered I don't like pot roast that much after all. Probably will never make it again.
You can also make pot roast from leaner meat. Just don't buy meat that is labelled for pot roast.

Personally, I don't mind the fat, but DH doesn't like it. I even eat around gristle, but again, DH dislikes coming across it. So, I generally don't make pot roast from shoulder / chuck. It's too much work cutting out all the larger bits of fat and all the gristle.
Actually, I think it's Woostersheer sauce, but I'm still not going to try to spell it. LOL
What I meant was that your spelling of "wooster" is actually how a lot Brits (including me) pronounce it! (The correct spelling is Worcestershire by the way!) :)
Yeah, I know there is no hyphen, I just put that in there for people to recognize the wooster part as separate from the shire for pronounciation vs spelling.
Guess it was a bit misleading, sorry... :rolleyes:
Oh of course Dragn! I was just responding to rodentraiser, not commenting on your spelling! :flowers: (I hadn't even seen your post when I replied!)
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