Tuesday, September 12th 2023 - what's for dinner?

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Jul 11, 2013
It's "Hash" for Ollie and me. (Basically anything I happen to have, thrown into a frying pan!) This one has potatoes (Charlotte), carrots, broad beans, green beans, petit pois, tenderstem broccoli and some slices of corned beef broken up. Salt and pepper and a few knobs of butter at the end. Must be served with a blob of brown sauce - naturally! ;-)

Oh, and also some spring onions, chopped up sun-dried tomato and few tiny home grown toms too!
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We'll be having meal-sized salads, mine is mostly spinach greens on the bottom while his is mostly romaine on the bottom. They also have diced peaches on them since they are in season. We're canning tomatoes today and having an apple picking with neighbors in the late afternoon, so our hands are full. If I get a few minutes I'll make some blender dressing in another flavor so we have variety besides tomato dressing.
We went out for dinner a few nights ago and I had surf and turf, but only ate the surf part. As I knew I probably wouldn't be able to eat it, I ordered the steak rare so I could do something with it at home. Decided to make a play on bouef bourguignon.
Had a produce (and more stuff) basket delivered today, actually it was two baskets. By the time I had dealt with that food and found places for most of it, I didn't have many spoons left. DH was not enthused by the idea of smoked salmon, so I gave up on the idea of making supper. We ordered submarine style sandwiches from Toasties. Delicious and we didn't have to agree on what to eat, just on where to order from.
Som Dtam Pla Ra
Thai Green Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab 🫠


Cook’s Notes:

Slowly but surely I have been piecing together my Thai menu that I will be happy to share with all my friends and guests. Both elements here have been previously mentioned and I have been working on them separately.

Now, I am combining them into a main dish. I’m very pleased with how each have developed and I am equally excited about how they play together.

My idea behind this project is to create an elevated version of Thai dishes that aren’t scary, so no intestines or jellied testicles. I’m more interested in the taste and ingredients that might be more common in takeaway places in my country and going beyond that to create something more authentic and delicious. Wish me luck!
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Was planning on making a puff pastry tart, but then found out I didn't have it in my freezer. Then made a pizza out of caramalised onion, zucchini/ courgette, buffalo mozzarella and basil.
On the side a wholegrain couscous salad with apricots, cashewnuts, caramalised onion, green olives, courgette and goats cheese.
Swamped with big work projects this week so yesterday I put a few chicken thighs in my little crockpot before work and turned it off when I got home, then deboned when they were cool. I added some BBQ sauce and we had pulled chicken sandwiches with crinkle cut French fries.

That's the first time I have cooked French fries in probably 8-10 years. When we go out to eat (rarely) I will occasionally order fries if I get a burger, but that's probably once a year? It isn't a food I crave but man those fries tasted good last night!
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