I have accidently over-velvet'd my chicken breast - can this mistake be countered with some kind of flavor or something?😔

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Nina Robes

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Nov 9, 2023
United States
Last night I went bananas with the baking soda. It was the one thing that I should have measured, but didn't. I poured a large amount into a large bowl of cold water, mixed it in with a spoon, and dropped my chicken in after cutting it up. I let it soak in there for at least 30 minutes or more.

The meat has this really strong bitter taste to it now. It's there a way to reheat it or some kind of sauce or seasoning that I can use to counteract the taste? Currently, it seems that my haphazard approach to the first step has ruined the whole meal. 🥺


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I was also thinking something acidic.
Or some very intense spices to overrule the bitterness?
Or just a little bit of chicken and lots of other stuff (maybe soup or a stew) so it gets diluted? But then you run the chance that even more food is not nice
Maybe try some oyster sauce or hoisin sauce. They are both kind of sweet, but with other good flavours. I'm just guessing here, but I find that sweet counters bitter in some cases.
Thanks for the ideas everybody! I do not like to waste food; however I believe I'm going to have to close the book on this adventure. 😅 I tried everything but boiling the meat..🤔before I toss it all out, I'll try boiling the chicken in a vinegar solution. Maybe I can eat it with some ramen noodles😔.

Again, thank you all! I really appreciate your advice. 😊

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