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Now I didn't know that ;)
Is a landcruiser still a landcruiser?

A Land Cruiser is called a Land Cruiser here. For the last few decades, they have just been a cosmetic package on a Toyota Sequoia. The newest Land Cruiser is getting good reviews as a capable off-road vehicle. But, they will set you back around $65,000.

However, some of the old-school Land Cruisers are supposedly still available in Africa. (?)

Oh yes
Lots of cruisers here.
Lot of friendly rivalry between Landrover and Toyota (cruiser & hilux)
A couple of years ago, I parked my old hilux at a shopping mall and got straight away approached by someone wanting to buy it. He was a professional hunter. My double cab had leaf springs and no essential electrics, so a popular bush car. I didn't sell it at that time, but 10 years later I did as I needed the money.

The cruisers and hilux's are driven till they really can't go anymore.
400 000 km on the clock, or more is common
My horsie is a 2001 Lincoln Cartier L and I love it. The "L" indicates the car is about 8 inches longer than any of the other Lincolns. The back seat is fabulous.

My husband just got a Nissan Frontier and he is very pleased with it.

I thought the "L" stood for "Land Yacht." :ROFLMAO: If you have the 4.6L V8, that's a good engine. Low maintenance costs.

I drive a 2001 Lincoln LS with a V-6 and standard transmission. I bought it new and have driven it continously for the last 23 years. It currently has 158,000 miles on it.


When I had to go back to WNY to take care of my father, I had it transported there, and after he died I had it transported back. In two years it becomes a classic, and seeing they only made 2331 with a stick shift out of 262,900, it should be worth a pretty penny.

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