Question about food made from scratch in small business Italian restaurants?

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In my very early years of baking bread, I learned very quickly to always put salt in it! I think I only left it out one time, and that was another inedible thing. I didn't waste it though - I ground it up with some salt, for bread crumbs! :LOL: It didn't take much longer to realize how essential the salt was in sweets, and this is one of those "clues" that tells me that the person behind the recipe probably hasn't even sampled it.
While restaurants making everything from scratch can often mean fewer preservatives, it's not a guarantee. Some ingredients they source might have preservatives, so it's always a good idea to ask about their sourcing and cooking practices.
If you're interested in finding restaurants that emphasize fresh ingredients, you could try searching for breakfast near me to discover places that prioritize homemade and wholesome offerings.
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