Here's My Fish Marinade!

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May 11, 2009
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Gather your ingredients!

1.Liquid smoke "Hickory flavor" or your flavor will work too.
2.2 cloves of garlic finally minced.
3.half cup of ranch bacon salad dressing
4.1/3 cup of Worcestershire sauce.
5.1 teaspoon of cyane(sp?) pepper.
6.1 pinch of anchos chile powder.
7 1 Pinch of ground black pepper.

Add the dry ingredients first
then add the wet ingredients "doesn't matter which order"

Add to fish and eat!

Tell me what everything thinks about this Marinade, The marinade has a slight kick to it.
Well - just off the top of my head:

"Liquid Smoke" is VERY strong - how much did you use? Ditto for Worcestershire Sauce - 1/3 cup is an awful lot. the 1/2 cup of creamy salad dressing also gives me pause.

May I ask exactly what type of fish you marinated this in & for how long? Because most fish -outside of stronger dark-fleshed types like Bluefish, Mackerel, etc. - being of a delicate nature in both flavor & texture, would be highly overpowered in a concoction like this.
"Add to fish and eat!"
I am assuming you marinate, then cook the fish, then eat? Or, is this a sauce, an alternative to tartar or remoulade?
Ooh - I agree! this actually might make an excellent sauce for stronger flavored/textured fish, added either just before baking/broiling or afterwards. Marinating? Not so much. And either way I'd definitely severely reduce the amount of Worcestershire Sauce. One third of a cup is way way too much.

Worcestershire Sauce is a sparing condiment, not an ingredient like broth/stock/wine.
I'm thinking that might make a tasty dipping sauce for fried goodies like
fish, veggies and such.
Have no clue about the salad dressing taste, but it does seem to have possibilities.

Not so sure about using as a marinade; I'll have to taste it first.
Quite frankly, I think the combination of flavors sounds horrible.
Quite frankly, I think the combination of flavors sounds horrible.

I agree - it sounds yucky!

Many kinds of fish that we eat are mild in flavor. Marinades are meant to enhance that flavor and/or make it "fresh", as in, for instance, adding citrus. But some flavors, such as Worcestershire sauce, which originally was made for beef, is a very "heavy" flavor that dominates fish rather than enhancing it. It's not that you shouldn't ever use it, but you might think about using it lightly (a few drops) in a marinade based on ingredients that support fish instead of beating it over the head. It's already dead - treat it with respect! :LOL:
Especially with smoke flavoring AND a creamy dressing with bacon...

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