Trader Joe's Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies Review...

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Nov 8, 2004

Back to Trader Joe's for this item. This might be a limited time item.

This was 2.99 for a so called 24 cookies.

Each one is roughly 4 inches wide. A nice sized flat cookie imo

The butter flavor is solid but not special.

I say it would work with ice cream if you broke it into real tiny pieces.

A medium sized thumbs up from me on this cookie.
They look good. Would probably buy them just to try them.

I haven't been to TJ's in so long. Used to go there often for pita bread and my favorite place to hit was the frozen food section. All kinds of goodies, including fairly reasonably priced frozen seafood items. Used to love grabbing the Seafood Blend with the shrimp, calamari and bay scallops. The chicken cilantro mini wontons were another favorite of mine.
It sounds like you've stumbled upon Trader Joe's 24-cookie pack that goes for $2.99. Each cookie is around 4 inches wide, which is quite generous for a flat cookie. The buttery flavor seems decent but not exceptional.
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