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At least with the new grill accessory I'll be able to safely set the Cobb in the middle of a patio table with people sitting around it, grilling their thin cuts of meat and vegis, Asian style. I've been using a Zozirushi electric teppan griddle but prefer to use live coals for these types of dining. The Cobb casing stays cool to the touch and will be safe even for kids at the table.
It's a cool dining experience, continually grilling while you eat and know what I mean.... :LOL:
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Cobb Grill Premier for sale $75 plus shipping

not sure where to post a for sale item, so I am trying here as this is the likely place for Cobb grill enthusiasts.

I am just not using it often enough, so I'd like to pass it on to someone who will get more enjoyment from it. It has grill plate, etc, you can see all the items in the pictures.


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I was introduced to the Cobb Cooker when some friends roasted a chicken at anchor on their 36 ft. sloop. Came out perfect.

I have two Weber kettle grills and a Weber charcoal smoker, for comparison. I use the Cobb for chicken (usually spatchcocked) and Cornish hens, meat loaf, pork shoulder or loin, and other solid chunks of meat. I can get about 12 briquets in the basket, and have had to start a second smaller load of briquets in a chimney to finish off a large chicken. I've used it in winter.


Being able to poke a thermometer probe through a vent is handy, so you don't need to pop the top and lose all the heat. Here's a spatchcocked chicken with BBQ rub.


The nonstick grill plate puts a nice crust on the underside. I've also cooked 10-inch pizzas with 6-7 briquets.

I've certainly gotten my money's worth.
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