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I had to do a search on Duroc Pork Chop. The marketing folk seem to call it "the Black Angus of pork." All the ads show some pretty expensive pricing. Can you get it locally at a reasonable price?

I assume that by "ala caseydog" you meant the sous vide and sear part. It's the only way I cook pork chops anymore. But I've never used anything other than supermarket pork chops.

@caseydog yes, I got it at our local Fry's aka Kroger's for $5.99/lb. not bad I thought. It was so much better flavor wise than the other pork available. I'll look for it again for sure.
It might have been? Maybe not, though, since there isn't much in the way of fat.

I looked at five recipes online. Three listed pork butt, and two listed pork belly. You'd surely know if you ate pork belly. I'd guess pork butt, and it was cooked long enough and low enough to render that fat pretty thoroughly.

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