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Where does the rendezvous take place, Hoot? Can outsiders visit? :)
The Olde Virginia Primitive Riflemen hold two events every year. One in the spring, one in the fall.
They are both open to the charge for visitors.
Rendezvous site is off Rt 10, about 8 - 9 mile from from Smithfield, Va. heading to Surry, Va. Turn off Rt 10 onto Moonlight Rd, keep your eyes peeled on the left.... about a mile or two you will see a brick house close to the road...I believe it is the first brick house you come to on the left. Follow the driveway all the way back till to you see the parking lot. You gotta walk in unless you are camping. if you do camp with us there will be a fee and you got an hour to get your hoss outta camp.
You can find more info at but be warned, the website is not in my control these days and the feller runnin' it ain't the most punctual feller about updates.
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Sounds like fun. I'll try to remember to check it out this fall.

Some of my ancestors lived in Lunenberg County and my aunt gave me a book about its history. There's a recipe for Dundas Sheep Stew made as a community event that starts like this: "Two days ahead, make bread for crumbs. One day ahead, slaughter (8) sheep. Chill overnight."

It also calls for 400 lbs. of onions and 100 lbs. Irish potatoes. Let me know if you want the recipe. lol
I'm not really a coffee drinker, so I'd get mine as chocolate covered expresso beans. No pot needed and they will get you going.:wacko: Less weight if you're huffin it.
I'm not really a coffee drinker, so I'd get mine as chocolate covered expresso beans. No pot needed and they will get you going.:wacko: Less weight if you're huffin it.

Oh .. I had some of those a few years back. Went into a tiny little coffee shop and they had bins and bins of beans .. then at the counter they had them dipped in all kind of things.

You are right .. they WILL get you going like I couldn't believe .. but so tasty !!
the original speed bombs that yougins drink today (vodka and red bull) n my time were 3 or four dark roasted coffee beans in sambuca.
I love coffee. I use an old beat up percolator while camping. She makes a fine brew and in a timely fashion.
Made gallons of camp coffee (while working as a camptender for a sheep outfit, a range rider, and a grazing cop). But I'm presently devoted to a little plastic thingie that makes wonderful coffee with less fuss: the AeroPress plunger.

I take it on river trips and to hotel rooms: better coffee than those cartridge machines and far less waste.
There was some bottled stuff in England when I was a kid, called " "Camp Coffee":
I can assure you, it was absolutely disgusting.
I grew up with Instant coffee - I think it was probably Maxwell House and Gold Blend, I´d never have known the difference, until I met some South Americans in the 70s. One of them gave me a packet of Colombian coffee, freshly ground. After that , I never looked back; I always had Colombian coffee in my house in London until...
I moved to Venezuela. Venezuelan coffee is just as good as Colombian coffee. The problem is, successive governments have never got it together, so Venezuelan coffee is a mystery, and Colombian coffee is exported everywhere.
Any way - coffee, for me, has to be strong. Doesn´t matter if you like it with sugar, or milk, or just black; it has to be strong. However, if you go into a coffee bar in Venezuela, there are at least a dozen varieties. The weakest is called " guayoyo" - which is closest to an American coffee.
Depends on your taste, right?

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