What's your longest cooking time for a brisket?

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Nov 29, 2022
United States
Well once upon a time whilst dragging Fred's bottom with the garden hoe on a semi annual grease and chunk removal foray process found a brisket in the bottom of the pit which apparently fell off one of the shelves from the back side about six weeks and at least two or three previous cook sessions earlier. Still looked purty good..and appeared mighty crunchy...sorta mummified. Closer to a big plug of beef jerky than anything similar. Got to have been the ultimate burnt end type deal. Now no..I did not eat it..but I rarely eat smoked meats anyway since I am a raw vegan at heart. Suspect it woulda tasted purty good. That got to be the world record for Boone and Crockett on the longest time it took to cook a meat brisket.

I was under the impression that Texas style brisket has more to do with being mostly (or totally) salt and pepper for the rub. Is that not correct? If not, what other styles of smoked brisket are there? I also thought that injecting with tallow was more about just adding moisture, as opposed to being part of a style. IIRC, the video I saw compared a prime brisket not injected with a lesser grade (choice?) that was injected. Otherwise they are prepared the same. The outcome is that the prime brisket was still better but the difference was minimal.
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