What knives are the best?

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Andy M.

Certified Pretend Chef
Sep 1, 2004
I didn't refuse his opinion. I refused his fact. The fact is that Japanese knives outperform forged Euro knives because of their thin hard blades. I can prove my position and have proven it to the Wusthof rep that calls on my company. It is fine to prefer forged Euro knives to Japanese knives. It is not fine to argue that they perform as well as the thin hard blades of Japanese knives. It is incorrect. Sorry. Probably time for me to leave. Take care.
Once you've made your point, there is little benefit to keep repeating it. It's clear you prefer Japanese knives. Good for you. I'm sure they can be great. Others prefer European style knives. I'm sure they can be great. I like the knives I have been using for over 20 years. I sharpen them myself and they do all I ask of them. They may be the Japanese or European. Not important. Let's move on.


Senior Cook
Sep 11, 2023
Ontario, Canada
My first real chef's knife I purchased back in the 80's was a Henckel 10" 4 star and I still have it, don't use it much anymore but I do pull it out for turnip lol. Since owning it I've moved on to sharpening my own blades and consequently had the bolster ground down to accommodate for the 35 years of sharpening and I also rounded the top of the blade close to the handle with a file so it's not as sharp on my index finger when using it. I also have a few other western knives that I've accumulated over the years and many that I gave away to friends, except this one, it will stay with me. I've used Japanese pretty much exclusively now for over 20 years with Kikuichi my go to brand, a little expensive but worth it considering knives were the tools of my trade.

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