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Apr 5, 2009
I save a downloaded copy of my recipes to my local drive and a second network drive.

This is what a downloaded recipe looks like. It has a track back to the original website it came from included. I download in plain text, and it opens in a Notepad window. You can choose HTML form also if you want.



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Sep 13, 2010
near Montreal, Quebec
Larry, I'm pretty new to CMT but from what I have surmised,
if I'm on a website and I like the recipe and I use the "extension" tab at the top right of my windows based laptop, it will save a "copy" of the recipe and a link to the site.
So that if you want to go back to that site easily you can.
But most times I find that the copy is fine, unless it's a really involved recipe. like the marmalade one I just CMT, it does show all of the details.
I know it's nearly a year since this thread quit getting relevant posts, but I just remembered something. Not only does CMT save a copy of the recipe and of the link, that recipe will still be there if the link breaks. I have a few recipes where the recipes have been removed from the original site, but I still have the recipe with all of the instructions and my notes. That's on the site, whether or not I have backed up the recipe(s) to my computer.
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