Proper Non-stick Pan

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Andy M.

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Sep 1, 2004
I buy a set of 3 aluminium fry pans, 12-, 10, and 8-inch, with non-tick coating for around $21.00 at Target.

When they wear out, I toss them in the recycle bin and buy new ones.

I do the same except I. Hi them at Costco. They usually have Tramontina set of three. Each set has been lasting 7-10 years.

Occasional high heat has not harmed them.


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Sep 13, 2010
near Montreal, Quebec
I have 2 (9 1/2”) Scanpans for over 10 years. I use for eggs. I do use some butter to cook with. No problems.

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I got them at a “try me” price of $35.00 each. Not bad for 10 years of use.

My Scanpan lasted all of a month before eggs started...nevermind. That's a good price. They retail for a lot more than that. In a review, I said that if you heat the pan up beyond a certain temp, a Scanpan won't non-stick anymore. I heated it up just a little too high, I guess. I was dissapointed. Scan Pans are very finicky with regards to heat. A few degrees too high and they are no longer non-stick. My experience with that expensive brand. Yes, I used butter or oil. I tried making hash brown potatoes. Afterwards, I had problems with the non-stick.
Caslon, didn't it come with a warranty? I have no issues and haven't made sure not to use it on high heat.
We purchased a Scanpan many years ago. It was an oven proof 14" skillet, with lid and cost $300.00. You can use metal utensils in it and it is the best non-stick pan we've ever had.
I'm very happy with my Scanpan. I didn't get the oven proof kind with the removable handle though.
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