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Assistant Cook
Nov 3, 2021
I HATE MY CANNING RACK! I ordered a new one today. There are only 2 rings on the bottom, so things always tip a bit. My new one has 4 rings!! I was getting one of my quart jars out and it tipped over, totally sideways in the water bath. It took me a bit to set it upright and get it out. I set it with the others, but separate so I would know which one it was. It did seal and it appears to be tight. Can I still use it?


Master Chef
Mar 25, 2008
Yes if it sealed when it cooled to room temperature.
I try very hard not to tip my jars but sometimes it happens. As long as any skins, or bits of food doesn't lodge between the lip and rim, it will be fine.
You can use anything that is porous, like a pizza pan with 1000 holes, turned upside down as a rack, so the water freely flows between the bottom of the canner and the rest of the canner. A bunch of rings (canning rings) zip tied together will work for a while, until they rust.

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