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Jul 21, 2009
Body in MA ~ Heart in OH
@Kaneohegirlinaz, I just realized that I never told you about my "dress". I bought it in MA before we left. A few days after getting to OH, I hung it up to steam the wrinkles out...and realized I had bought the wrong (e.g.: too small) one that I had tried on. o_O I could not find the same dress in OH, nor could I find a dress that I liked. SO many were black - and I wasn't wearing black since I really like my new SIL! I ended up wearing my black dress slacks that I brought along "just in case" and found a lovely sheer floral blouse with a matching satin camisole in peach. I wasn't too concerned about what I was wearing - if anyone commented negatively I was going to tell them to quit looking at me and gaze on the bride's loveliness. ;)
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