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  1. Silversage

    What Are Your Other Interests?

    I study wine. I used to knit, sew, crochet, needlepoint, etc. My fingers no longer work like they once did. Years ago, I took piano and organ lessons. Now that I'm retired, I hope to take up the keyboards again. I used to play golf, but its been many years....
  2. Silversage

    What's for dinner Thursday, April 18, 2024?

    Southwest salad. Chicken, cojita cheese, black beans, corn, red pepper, avocado, cilantro, scallions, tomatoes, black olives, lettuce, blue corn tortillas, Chipotle ranch.
  3. Silversage

    What's To Eat? ~ 4/14/2024

    What is in it? Please explain.
  4. Silversage

    What's To Eat? ~ 4/14/2024

    Shrimp grilled witth a pinapple habenero baste. Glazed carrots and grilled asparagus. The shrimp were HUGE - U8's. I cooked 14 of them, since they were getting icy in the freezer, but we each ate only 2. Lots of leftovers for lunches thos week.
  5. Silversage

  6. Silversage


    No. A super taster often is seen as a “picky eater”. They have many more taste buds per sq inch in their tongue, and they are usually extremely sensitive to heat, sweet, sour, etc. they often prefer their food on the bland side. They rarely make good sommeliers. Super in this case is not...
  7. Silversage

    Mexican Wedding Cookies v Italian Wedding Cookies

    Over ground - over mixed - over baked. And always use fresh nuts. Any nut will do, but the flavor will be different for each nut. I usually use almonds or walnuts. We all have our favorites. What nut was used in the ones you had at the market? Don't pulverize the nuts. You are not...
  8. Silversage


    I have a Bamix . Before that, I burned through 2 different immersion blenders. The Bamix has never failed me. I’ve had it about 10 or 15 years. I would never buy anything else
  9. Silversage

    What type pan do you use the most?

    For the style of cooking i do, I could probably do most things with a good skillet and a mid size saucepan, and those are the two I use most. Like everyone else here, I have quite an accumulation of pots and pans. But these days, cooking for only 2, I frequently just sear the protein, a...
  10. Silversage

    Hello Everyone

    WOW! Renowned! (how come google has never heard of you?) Over a decade! (most of us here have 5,6, or 7 decades of experience.) Another wanna-be "influencer" looking for clicks. Sorry, but I've gotten rather cynical of all these folks trying to make money on social media instead of...
  11. Silversage

    Mexican Wedding Cookies v Italian Wedding Cookies

    In the US, the terms are interchangeable. We also call it confectioner's sugar. In other countries, that may be different.
  12. Silversage

    April Fool's Dinner 2024

    We had our holiday dinner today. Seared duck breast with an orange/ginger/grand Marnier gastrique. Pureed parsnip and grilled asparagus.
  13. Silversage

    Easter lunch/dinner - 31st March 2024

    That last person I knew that drew a distinction between the two was my great grandmother. I think think it's a pretty archaic difference.
  14. Silversage

    Mexican Wedding Cookies v Italian Wedding Cookies

    I like the Land O' Lakes recipe, too.
  15. Silversage

    Mexican Wedding Cookies v Italian Wedding Cookies

    Snowballs, Mexican Wedding cookies, Russian Tea cakes, Butterballs, Italian Wedding cookies, and other are all names for the same thing. They are a small ball shaped cookie, made primarily of butter, sugar, ground nuts, and flour, baked then rolled in powdered sugar. You can use walnuts...
  16. Silversage

    Happy Birthday Tattrat

    Where is Jono? I haven't seen him around in ages.....
  17. Silversage

    Is oatmeal bad for you

    I've seen those ads, too. It's some so-called 'doctor' trying to sell a new weight loss plan. He claims oatmeal is bad for you. He also claims that diet and exercise don't work. Only his plan works, but he won't tell you what it is unless you give him your information and pay for it. It...
  18. Silversage

    Do you scrub your vegetable stock scraps?

    I wash and/or scrub my veggies, as appropriate, before i peel them. I wouldn't even think about scrubbimg peels after the fact.
  19. Silversage

    Sunday March 24. My first Detroit Pizza. What did you eat?

    Not by a mile............ Although it started outside Detroit, in a strip mall at Ford Rd & Middlebelt (the same mall as the first K-Mart), it is more closely related to what is called "Midwest style pizza". It pre-dates Domino's by a year, which is the same generic style, and was also started...
  20. Silversage

    Sunday March 24. My first Detroit Pizza. What did you eat?

    I grew up in Detroit. I now live in Florida, with a Jets right around the corner. Jets is "almost Detroit " pizza. They don't quite have it right. It shouldn't be dense. Among other errors, the sauce should always be on top.
  21. Silversage

    When I cut mango it sounds like velcro

    Cut close to the pit and use it all! Don't worry about the velcro sound. I use mango a LOT, so I recognize the sound you describe. There is nothing wrong with it, it's just the flesh fibers trying to hold on to the pit. You won't notice that when you dice it up and eat it.
  22. Silversage

    Song Title Game

    Dead Man's Curve - Jan & Dean
  23. Silversage

    Do You Have A “Secret Weapon?"

    Actually, consumption of dog meat is legal in both Canada and Australia. And it's not uncommon in several Asian countries. Close to 30 million dogs per year are killed for human consumption.
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