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  1. Kathleen

    NUMMY - Hi Everyone!

  2. Kathleen

    Good cooks in familyl?

    We had a GREAT time in Mount Airy (the town with the Mayberry attitude.) Definitely go to Snappy Lunch and take a tour in the Sheriff's car if you go. I have said this before: The women in our family are either good all-around cooks without a specialty OR they are great specialty cooks and...
  3. Kathleen

    2024 Good Friday 3/29/2024 & Easter 3/31/2024 Plans/Menus

    I think the current plan is fondue with friends for Easter. Something with fish for good Friday.
  4. Kathleen

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    Italian cold cuts with cheese on ciabatta bread with marinara sauce and pickles. I pressed them on the cast iron grill pan.
  5. Kathleen

    Today's Funny

  6. Kathleen

    2024 NFL Draft - Mock top 10

    I am going to be furious if the Bears cut Justin. It won't do to get Caleb as they still have not addressed the coaching problem nor does a new QB address the existing holes in the team. :angry:
  7. Kathleen

    Word Association Game

    (with the) Mostest!
  8. Kathleen

    Scenes from the Past...

    I thought it was a thread to post old pictures - not necessarily of us...idk. @Aunt Bea If that picture is you, you are cuter than biscuits! (You may still be cuter than biscuits even if it is not, but the picture is adorable.) @dragnlaw I think I inhaled more of the snow while stenciling...
  9. Kathleen

    Song Title Game

    Love Me Do - The Beatles
  10. Kathleen

    Scenes from the Past...

    Dad had a 1954 Buick, so I arrived not far from it! Plus, I remember all of those businesses. Good memories, but the town does not look that way anymore. :(
  11. Kathleen

    Question about US cans of food

    Okay....I tried! ;)
  12. Kathleen

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    Anchorage -> Talkeetna -> Fairbanks -> Coldfoot -> Fairbanks Traveling by train!
  13. Kathleen

    Help me to make homemade subway-style bread?

    Welcome to DC! Unlike others on here, I am not a baker. I am certain that our awesome bakers will be able to help you though!!!
  14. Kathleen

    Leap day dinner, February 29, 2024, Thursday

    I've said White Rabbit since college.
  15. Kathleen

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    It was 48 degrees Fahrenheit here today. I continually feel cheated by having very little winter. I want three months of it! So on March 17, we will be here: Winter, we are coming for you!
  16. Kathleen

    Question about US cans of food

    I love those old recipes that read "1- No 2 can of beans." Fortunately, I found this chart. For this discussion, perhaps the Food Guy can help?
  17. Kathleen

    Leap day dinner, February 29, 2024, Thursday

    We had what we dub "Boat Rice", which is chicken and Spanish rice. When we sailed a lot, we made this dish often. Very yummy.
  18. Kathleen

    Word Association Game

  19. Kathleen

    Coca-cola Spiced Review...

    I strive to observe lent. Honestly, to some, my sister for example, lent and the easter season are her most favorite things to celebrate. She always gives up something near and dear and takes a lot of pleasure in doing so.
  20. Kathleen

    Scenes from the Past...

    My hometown back in the day. I get homesick for things that no longer exist.
  21. Kathleen

    Word Association Game

  22. Kathleen

    Herbal Tea

    So many options. I love Greek Mountain tea (as everyone here knows) - especially when feeling congested (which is always since I am allergic to everything.) I love teas with a touch of citrus. I also love spicy blends. When I drink regular black tea, I love adding mint to it.
  23. Kathleen

    Caning Seal Woes

    I bought a steam canner this past summer. What a game changer! It's light-weight, heats quickly, and I just love it.
  24. Kathleen

    Tuesday's Meal was.... (27th Feb 2024)

    Taxy, when I make lentil soups from a can, I add a healthy squeeze from a wedge of lime. I find that it elevates even the best of canned lentil soups! (Not my discovery. A friend suggested it a long time ago.)
  25. Kathleen

    Song Title Game

    I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter- many people but first popular by Fats Waller
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