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  1. Bruce B


    On the 18 you can probably do 3 on the top rack if they're not too big and 2 on the bottom. On the 22 , you can easily do 4 average size on the top and 3 on the bottom. Anything more than that you might have some air circulation problems.
  2. Bruce B

    Info for starting a Charity Competition in Michigan

    This gentleman also sent a message to our Association's website asking the same question. The festival he speaks of is real and I'm sure he is looking for some real help. We referred him to our events committee and he is talking to them. Not everyone is a huckster and out looking to make a buck...
  3. Bruce B

    Necessities for my first WSM

    Don't need all of these immediately, but here's a pretty good list of things to keep an eye out for when shopping.
  4. Bruce B

    JB at the beach w BP oil spill update

    I was down there April 1st JB for 10 days, stayed in Orange Beach....had great weather but it was a little breezy.
  5. Bruce B

    Preparing for next event..sons first smoking job

    I think he probably already knew how to drink beer :lol:
  6. Bruce B

    Prayers for Jim Morgan and family

    Sorry for you loss Jim, my thoughts and prayers for your family.
  7. Bruce B

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
  8. Bruce B

    Xmas hams 10

    You going to start bitchin' about the snow already? :lol: :lol: Keep it up we'll have to start calling you JP. :roll:
  9. Bruce B

    Need a Caribbean Jerk Rub

    Cappy invented ground black pepper...he knows.
  10. Bruce B

    Water or Sand in the WSM Water Pan?

    Neither...empty pan foiled.
  11. Bruce B

    Wittdog ?

    I'm always around.
  12. Bruce B

    Wittdog ?

    Someone call my name? :roll:
  13. Bruce B

    Trying out the new grate...

    Those Corelle plates last forever. :lol:
  14. Bruce B

    Secret Santa

    Secret Santa...cleaned out the storage room.....jeeesh, someone has way too much time on his hands,
  15. Bruce B

    Independence Day

    Looks great Griff...make sure your friends keep their shoes on when visiting. :lol: :lol:
  16. Bruce B

    Stupid Questions

    and another; Is Puff really gay?
  17. Bruce B

    Pinging Capt Morgan

    Uh yeah, but what's the surf fishing like?
  18. Bruce B

    Video Camera

    OR, we could just wait for the new season of "Cops" :lol: :lol:
  19. Bruce B

    Looking For A Brinkman Charcol Pan

    If you got a Bass Pro Shop by your house I think they have them for under $10.
  20. Bruce B


    Big milestone....Great job Greg!!!!!!
  21. Bruce B

    Regarding Rib Prep.....

    I usually just rinse under cold water. After rubbing, 9 times out of 10 I will wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate. If I'm really lazy I'll just throw them in a disposable aluminum pan and foil the pan. I once read that if you opened a cryovac package of pork and it had an off smell, that you...
  22. Bruce B

    So whats your poison of choice ?

    Beer (any kind when you're thirsty) Bourbon-Mr. Beam Red Stag, Makers, Woodford Reserve Whisky-Jack Vodka-not a fan Rum-Captain & Coke, or any in a drink with a little umbrella on top Wine-sometimes with a nice meal, prefer red.
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