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  1. GinnyPNW

    2023 Edition - What are you baking?

    I made a batch of Flourless Chocolate Muffins this afternoon. They were easy to make and are very good too. I used my Danish Whisk to mix them. Easy enough. NOTE: They make a lot more than 12! I made 14 and they turned into Jumbo muffins. I suggest 18 to 24 is a better target.
  2. GinnyPNW

    Looking for a Refried Bean Recipe that you have tried and liked

    My very favorite recipe for "refried beans" isn't refried at all. Here's the link: Fat-Free Refried Beans They are made in the crock pot. I usually double the recipe and pack them in 1-cup vacuum seal bags for the freezer. Sometimes I make them exactly the way the recipe says, sometimes I...
  3. GinnyPNW

    Hello again.

    Hey! Welcome back!
  4. GinnyPNW

    What's for dinner, Tuesday, December 5, 2023?

    I've just finished mise en place for tonight's kit meal, Mediterranean Shrimp Scampi with Tomato Salsa & Rice Pilaf. It is a bit different take on Scampi, I think, but looks yummy. We shall see! I'm tempted to get the red bowls out of the RV.... :unsure:
  5. GinnyPNW

    Uninspired Monday, December 4, 2023

    It was great! Very east to prepare, that was one of the reasons I chose to make this one first. Monday was box delivery day. DH commented, "You make something like this." I do and I don't. I use meatballs and different spices. Here's a LINK to the recipe card. There are Gyro spices...
  6. GinnyPNW

    Uninspired Monday, December 4, 2023

    A picture of DH's plate...
  7. GinnyPNW

    Uninspired Monday, December 4, 2023

    We're having a new kit meal, Chicken & Hummus Gyro with Chopped Salad & Feta. Looks promising!
  8. GinnyPNW

    Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinders/Mills

    Hmmmm....I like the "mini" oreos...and the "mini" Reese's!!! If you decide to use them as ice cream mix-ins, then I recommend quartering them.
  9. GinnyPNW

    Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinders/Mills

    I have 3 grinders. One for salt, one for black pepper and one for mixed color pepper. I use them all, as needed.
  10. GinnyPNW

    What are you doing?

    I once asked a vet about this. Their pain and the ailments. How they tolerate and deal. She told me that animals live in the moment and they accept the way things are. It is amazing to me...from a human standpoint? But, there is certainly something to be said for that way of being...
  11. GinnyPNW

    What are you doing?

    I'm so sorry, @Xocolatl! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like Cheetah had a well-loved and long life. They are never with us long enough. Hold onto the good memories and know that Cheetah is now free from all aches and pains and you will be reunited, one day...
  12. GinnyPNW

    Sunday, December 3, 2023 - What's for dinner?

    I'm making a stir fry of Peppered Beef. There's a pot of Jasmine cooking too...and smells wonderful!
  13. GinnyPNW

    What's the last movie you watched?

    We watched Candy Cane Lane, a new Eddie Murphy Christmas movie. We enjoyed it! A bit different plot for a Christmas movie. Funny and moves right along.
  14. GinnyPNW

    Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinders/Mills

    The one place that I've heard complaints about manual salt/pepper grinders is in the Pot Luck line. One has to set one's plate down to use most. I used to have a single-hand pepper grinder. Haven't seen it in some years...must have gotten broken. Sometimes, I wish I had the single-hand...
  15. GinnyPNW

    Saturday, December 2, 2023, we ate, did anybody else?

    I tried a new recipe. A Greek inspired Hasselback chicken breast. The stuffings were zuke, red onion, tomato and lemon. Smothered in Feta and Moz. It was okay, not great.
  16. GinnyPNW

    Innoasian frozen dinners

    My sincere apologies! I was distracted when I read/responded. My bad! I do remember you posting about the lack of restaurants...and I do relate! We now return you to your regular programming.... o_O
  17. GinnyPNW

    Well we bought a kitchen!

    There are lots of "box wine dispensers" these days. Remove box, insert bag...
  18. GinnyPNW

    Happy Birthday Andy M

    Happy Birthday, Andy!!! Go do something fun and tell us all about it!
  19. GinnyPNW

    Innoasian frozen dinners

    We have similar restaurants here in the PNW! Chinese and Mexican restaurants are just horrible! I've been known to say that frozen food from the grocer is better and cheaper too! Do you have any Thai restaurants nearby? We find that our local Thai places are mostly very, very good. Many...
  20. GinnyPNW

    Meal Kit Delivery

    There are "systems" to help with that. From "lock boxes" to the so-called "smart" garage door thingies. Or maybe there is a neighbor that might accept the delivery? For us, we are usually home for the M/S&M/S delivery. But we're not a big targeted area anyway. Out in the hills, I think...
  21. GinnyPNW

    Meal Kit Delivery

    Thanks so much for the info, SLoB. The contact link is broken, but I sent an email to see if they have a location convenient for my 88-YO MIL. She would very much benefit and enjoy the meals I see on their site.
  22. GinnyPNW

    Meal Kit Delivery

    This morning, as I was reviewing upcoming meal kit shipments, I noticed that my usual Monday delivery will fall on Christmas Day, 12/25. Then, I noticed that they changed it to Thursday, 12/28. Sigh. I told them to skip that box, as the delay just won't work for me. If they were more like...
  23. GinnyPNW

    Tips, hints and tricks to share with our members

    Elsewhere, it has been discussed how humongous chicken breasts can be, these days. Something I noticed in one of the meal kits is how they get 5oz chicken breasts...they cut them in half (or there abouts), horizontally. I imagine they then use the "bottom" halves for things that require just...
  24. GinnyPNW

    We're going home!

    So, so happy for you!!! What a tremendous relief and joy, for sure!!!
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