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    Anyone ever buy one of those Korean Barbecue contraptions?

    Unlike you, perhaps other people want to expand their knowledge, take off the blinders, and learn new things.
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    Chicken bacon alfredo?

    You should sear the chicken and then deglaze. Whisk in the alfredo and use this as the base for your dish. You can deglaze with white wine, stock/broth, or even water if that's all you have. Pre-cook the bacon and mix into the dish instead of sprinkling over. Better flavor and it will prevent...
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    Fall Soup season is back

    This would be a chilled soup, correct?
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    Paired wine dinner

    Very nice. Stags' Leap has been able to maintain their quality and staying power throughout the years despite the increased competition, and all the newer/trendier wineries that's been popping up over the last 5-10 years. One of the "legacy" Napa wineries like Caymus, Hess, Jordan, etc. I'm...
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    Ways for newbie restaurants to increase revenue

    My preference was always private events because you can use existing staff and not have to transport anything to and from the restaurant. Catering to me is a pain in the ass because you'll need additional staffing plus additional equipment for plating, holding, cooking, etc. etc. If you try to...
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    Pastas it will be!

    That's a good article and provides some helpful pointers. Because this dish is so simple, the type and quality of ingredients you use will make a huge difference. I prefer this with spaghetti, but to each their own. The article make a good point on using rigatoni, or penne. Very, very...
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    Best frozen pizza

    The title of this thread should probably be renamed to "Favorite Frozen Pizza" because like someone mentioned above, there are so many variables. For me personally, I like the CPK frozen pizza because I like the non-traditional flavors. If I'm going for a traditional pizza, i.e. pepperoni, I'd...
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    Pastas it will be!

    Are you trying to trigger me Andy??? :ROFLMAO: In all seriousness, I will also use pancetta or bacon, whatever I have on hand. However, for the FIRST time a recipe is made, I highly suggest that the traditional ingredients are used, that way a basis for comparison can be made and you know what...
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    Best pan for baking bacon

    Yup, definitely save the bacon fat. Some ideas to use it up: Salad Dressings Fried Rice Fold into meatloaf/meat balls Add to stew, chili, etc. Use as a base for pomodoro/marinara Use as a base for soups Lots of ways to cross utilize the leftover fat and add more flavor to your dishes.
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    The Day I Learned to Make Spaghetti Carbonara

    Carbonara is one of my absolute favorite sauces. When I was working under an Italian chef, he always preached Carbonara as one of the four "holy" pasta dishes from the Roman/Lazio region: Carbonara Amatriciana Alla Gricia Cacio e Pepe All four dishes only require a few ingredients and all...
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    How do restaurants prepare complex foods/recipes in a much shorter time? - Extended discussion

    Most stuff is prepped ahead of time (sauces, starches, veg, etc.), generally earlier in the day before service or they day before. You're only firing (cooking off) the proteins a la minute like steaks, fish, etc. All braised meats are cooked the day or two before.
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    How do I Make Tender delicious Steak?

    Sounds like the OP is getting confused between steak and braised beef i.e. short ribs or pot roast. You would never compare a lamb shank to a steak. Both require different methods of cooking and cooking times.
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    Will a batter stick to tofu?

    Yup, what Larry said. Corn Starch or Potato Starch (whichever is easier for you to find)
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    Boiling weiners

    Perhaps, but they still taste a hell of a lot better :ROFLMAO:
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    Boiling weiners

    Also, spend a little more and only buy the 100% all beef hot dogs, such as Eisenberg, Miller's, Sabrett, Hebrew National, Nathan's, etc. A notch below those are Oscar Mayer Angus and Ball Park Angus (both 100% beef). If the first ingredient on the label begins with "Mechanically separated", you...
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    Best pan for baking bacon

    All these posts for bacon lol 1. Aluminum sheet pan 2. Parchment paper 3. 375-400 degrees F depending on your oven Boom. Easy peasy.
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    How to make pre-marinaded baked tofu crispy

    +1 on the corn starch. It's the best way to get tofu crispy if you're not going to squeeze out the marinade and/or excess liquid.
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    What cookbooks that aren't newly published do you like the most?

    Off the top of my head... On Food and Cooking, Harold McGee Culinary Artistry, Andrew Dornenburg Alinea, Grant Achatz The French Laundry Cookbook, Thomas Keller Sauces, James Peterson Charlie Trotter's, Charlie Trotter On the Line, Eric Ripert The New Cuisine of Hawaii (Various chefs--this book...
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    What are your favorite store bought buns/rolls and where do you buy them?

    We don't eat a lot of bread at home, but when we do buy bread it's usually King's Hawaiian Sweetbread rolls or the Sara Lee Artisan sliced loaves. I like that the Sara Lee slices are really thick, so they're great for making grilled cheese, panini, and French Toast or croutons as leftovers.
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    Soy Sauce Choices

    IMO, for most recipes (not necessarily cuisine specific recipes), Yamasa or Kikkoman are my go-to brands because those are the flavors that I grew up with and the brands that I've mostly seen used in professional kitchens, both in Hawaii and in California. I think either of those brands have the...
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    Center cut pork chops

    That's a good suggestion, but pound them thin ala Milanese style, then pan fry and serve with lemon. Very delicious, and hard to overcook because you're going by the color of the breading.
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    Does it matter, if when making ragu, I use white or red wine?

    If it's a ragu/braise that is tomato based, I prefer white wine as I feel the flavors compliment those of the tomatoes better. The tannins in some varietals of red wine don't pair well with tomato based sauces. However if it is more of a stock based braise (i.e. Braised Short Ribs), then I...
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    2022 Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Menus

    Reversed seared prime rib, plus a bunch of other stuff including roasted Yukon Golds, Grilled Asparagus, and Grilled Shrimp ?. Only took a picture of the meat. Daou Cab and Penner-Ash Pinot were the adult beverages.
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    Prime Rib

    Here’s how the reverse sear should end up. Perfect medium rare from end to end with no overcooked outer ring ??
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    Prime Rib

    +4 on the reverse sear. The high heat first method gives you a gray, and overcooked outer layer. Reverse searing gives you an even medium rare throughout the entire roast. I've seen that Chef John's recipe on It's a crap method that gives you an overcooked outer layer of beef...
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