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  1. blissful

    Broth, Stock, Bullion, Powder, many choices!

    I Just ran out of bouillon/stock powder. One batch lasted 3 years, so it is bigger than necessary. To make it again I'll have to dehydrate cooked carrots and raw onions. I'll have to grind the crumbled dried parsley into a powder. It's salt free so salt can be added if you like. I keep it in...
  2. blissful

    Today's lunch or dinner - Tuesday 28th November

    We're having air fried french 'fries' with ketchup, creamed peas for a side, for lunch. Dinner, meal sized salads, dressing choices, tomato or ranch (pumpkin seed base). Dessert: dark chocolate chip dried cherry black bean brownies.
  3. blissful

    Which vegetable is the best source of vitamin C?

    A whole 5.3 ounce skin on potato has 30% of daily recommended amount of vitamin C. We're having air fried plain skin on potatoes cut in french fry shapes for lunch. About a pound each, which means we'll get all the vitamin C we need for the day, just in the potatoes. Oddly, grains don't contain...
  4. blissful

    Today's harvest

    Our kale comes up the second year and then goes to seed, which takes all summer to fully develop but I can get some leaves in spring. So it's good if you dig them out and make room for something else. Same with parsley, some in spring then it goes to seed.
  5. blissful

    Today's harvest

    OMG @larry_stewart Kevin weighs more than the turnip or less than the turnip? lol :D Our greens are frozen off and we bought some first time last week. Excellent to have greens going into December!
  6. blissful

    Tempeh, making it

    I did another big batch of soybeans for tempeh, in the foodi for fermenting. The top ran too hot, so the 2 packages on top weren't done as well as the two on the bottom. So I could use it, if I keep them away from the top fan. After the tempeh was done I made starter from some and cooked the...
  7. blissful

    Grocery deals!

    We spent $20 for groceries today, broccoli was 99 cent/lb, 4 lbs. 3 packs of tofu, 3 for $5. 3 bunches of greens 99 cents (mustard and kale). 3 tomatoes, 3 pack of romaine. A bag of bananas. Cranberries were 79 cents/12 oz packages, a good deal. We didn't buy any. They will be cleared out now...
  8. blissful

    Honey Bee Keeping and other pollinators

    Oh yes, sorry, there is upkeep but not as much. The bees can't tolerate very cold air as they try to keep the brood warm all winter. We can't be opening them much or often. After the honey, there was a bee varroa mite treatment, either some pads of treatment for 2 weeks, or there is a vaporized...
  9. blissful

    Sunday, November 26, 2023 - What's on the Table?

    Stir-steamed vegetables: broccoli, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, onions, more peppers, broccoli stems, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, glaze of cornstarch, over veggie rice. Served with stir fry sauce or not.
  10. blissful

    What are you dehydrating today?

    Just plain, each banana is sliced into 3 pieces (sometimes 4), put on the parchment. I took them off the parchment, because they stick, after 24 hours, then dehydrated another 36 hours.
  11. blissful

    What are you dehydrating today?

    Banana slabs, snacks.
  12. blissful

    First time making Apple Crisp.

    For us, we avoid any added butter/lard/oils but a nut like walnuts can be processed until a nut butter, or at least chopped finely. This would replace some of the fats. For a crumble, much like granola, mixing oats and apple sauce (or pear sauce or any cooked down fruit), and nuts, will...
  13. blissful

    Sat. Nov. 25, '23 Dinner

    I saw this excellent and easier way to make sushi (whole food plant based-ish). Instead of nori it used a rice paper and nori into square packages. No rolling, easy to assemble. The filling for us is white sticky rice w/sugar/salt/vinegar, tempeh that is...
  14. blissful

    2023 November 24, What is or was your supper?

    ditto what we had yesterday.
  15. blissful

    2023 Thanksgiving Plans (U.S.A. - 11/23/2023)

    this year's pictures. The casserole is half the size this year because I followed the recipe exactly for amounts but if you double it, it's very nice that way too and both fit in the 9x13 inch pan. Our chocolate pie with date-oat crust. And crustless pumpkin pie. Casserole w/o...
  16. blissful

    Thanksgiving meals, Thursday, November 23, 2023?

    Layered stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy, and broccoli, then chocolate pie, and crustless pumpkin pie. It turned out better than we imagined, again. We have a lot to be thankful for.
  17. blissful

    In the kitchen..what are you very good at and which areas of cooking not so?

    Happy Thanksgiving. What you say could be true, or not or maybe. Your post could be a reply from a competing chat bot. ;) Mine is clearly a chat bot from another 3rd competing chat box company. :ROFLMAO: Soon enough we will just be observers.
  18. blissful

    2023 Thanksgiving Plans (U.S.A. - 11/23/2023)

    This one is the stuffing with sweet potatoes then potatoes, and we topped it with gravy, from 2 years ago. (I don't have today's assembled yet.) My pics from 2 years ago. I lined the pan with parchment to make it easy to take out. It would be fabulous as a side or meal to travel for a family...
  19. blissful

    Wed. Nov. 22, '23 Dinner

    Chili beans with macaroni.
  20. blissful

    2023 Thanksgiving Plans (U.S.A. - 11/23/2023)

    I wasn't sure about the chocolate or french silk pie until I made it tonight, with a date/oats/vanilla/naked peanut butter powder soft crust pressed into a small dish. (about 4 servings) Then the filling, cocoa, vanilla, sugar, silken tofu. Mushroom stuffing with sweet potatoes layered on top...
  21. blissful

    Grocery deals!

    @Jusa that's what we have Fyffe bananas. Those are the ones they usually have in the reduced produce bags.
  22. blissful

    Growing Oyster Mushrooms Indoors

    Wow the oyster mushrooms are looking better and like little sculptures. Very cool. They look pretty happy.
  23. blissful

    Spice expert?

    I buy Badia too when I get a chance for a brand on some spices. They came out clean on testing turmeric. I'm no expert but consumer report did run tests on spices and they give reports at the bottom of the page, on different spices and brands...
  24. blissful

    Grocery deals!

    Today's grocery deals, reduced produce, 6 1-lb containers of sliced mushrooms, $1/each, and 4 bags of bananas for $1 each totalling 29 lbs of bananas and 1 bag of oranges for $1. I'm cooking up the mushrooms and will be using some in thanksgiving stuffing/dressing. The bananas will all get...
  25. blissful

    Growing Oyster Mushrooms Indoors

    @larry_stewart , Yes, the more holes the better! Mine are turning out better with holes a cm apart instead of an inch apart. The black is the spores, the most mature of the mold, excellent for use as a starter or you can eat it too. Mold is a Fungi and the cotton-y mold is the mycelium.
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