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  1. taxlady

    Hurricane Fiona

    I guess we don't have any members in Atlantic Canada or Eastern Quebec. Post tropical cyclone Fiona was quite a big deal, here in Canada. The numbers of homes damaged and the number of people affected by this storm might not sound high compared with the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, but a huge...
  2. taxlady

    Thursday's dinner - 9/29

    Did you like it? Is the recipe a keeper?
  3. taxlady

    Most profitable restaurants?

    I imagine it is the restos that sell a lot of expensive wine. There isn't a lot of labour involved in wine and the mark up is pretty good. I knew someone who was planning on opening a resto, but she wouldn't even consider it without a liquor license.
  4. taxlady

    Dry roux gumbo...success

    I was surprised about that too. But, I think it's because the fat is used, when pan frying roux, to allow the heat to get higher than it would with a water based liquid. It would get plenty hot enough in an oven. Flour has to get to some minimum temperature to lose its raw, pasty flavour. That...
  5. taxlady

    Tell me about coconut milk

    I think so. Before using it, I would give it a good shake and then open it; have a look; and give it a sniff. I have certainly used cans of coconut milk that were older than that, with no problems. I can't remember ever having coconut milk go off in the can, no matter how old they were.
  6. taxlady

    Thursday's dinner - 9/29

    Tonight for supper I took shortcuts. I used a Blue Dragon "Chilli Coconut stir fry sauce" packet with some turkey breast and vegis (carrots, red sweet pepper, and sliced onion), a quick Chinese smashed cucumber side dish, and some leftover brown basmati rice that I cooked several days ago. We...
  7. taxlady

    Thursday's dinner - 9/29

    Looks really tasty. Do you happen to have the links for the recipes handy? If not, I don't mind searching for them here. I just had a thought. Maybe we need a thread or sub forum for links to favourite DC recipes, with comments and pix.
  8. taxlady

    Everybody is good! I'm Ada from China

    Welcome to the Discuss Cooking forum Aida. Do you read English? I was only able to understand your post because I used translation software.
  9. taxlady

    Hurricane Ian

    Thanks for checking in medtran. How are you guys doing?
  10. taxlady

    Wednesday's Dinner - 9/28

    We had a grocery delivery. DH has done something to his achilles tendon. It seems to be inflamed. He has an elastic bandage on his foot. But, walking seems to make it worse, so I told him that I would take the grocery delivery and he could tick stuff off as I took it out of the bags. We use the...
  11. taxlady

    Favorite chef?

    I like a lot of different chefs. Someone no one has mentioned yet is Kenji Lopez-Alt. I like his "sciency" explanations. I also enjoy watching Chef John. I have had successes and disappointments with recipes from both of them, but I still enjoy watching them.
  12. taxlady

    What's For Dessert?

    I made some chocolate nice cream for dessert. It was very good. This was the first time I used a dairy cream rather than coconut milk. I wasn't in the mood to open a can of coconut milk or grate some coconut cream. I add some mint leaves, but we had to pay attention to even be able to detect the...
  13. taxlady

    Tuesday's Dinner - 9/27

    Tonight for supper we each made our own sandwiches with cold smoked sturgeon. We are still learning what this sturgeon goes well with. It's a lovely, subtly flavoured fish. DH had his on wholewheat baguette. I tried some on rugbrød. That was too flavourful and overwhelmed the flavour of the...
  14. taxlady

    Coconut rice

    Aroy-D, that's the brand of creamed coconut that I usually get.
  15. taxlady

    Tell me about coconut milk

    Yes, coconut milk can replace cow's milk in many cases. It works in many recipes. It works with breakfast cereal. It's also good in many Indian and Thai dishes, where dairy milk or cream might curdle. It's good in desserts. It's very useful for people who are lactose intolerant and for people...
  16. taxlady

    Kitchen Accident

    I had been wondering if it just felt clumsy because I'm used to the other kind. I still feel vindicated. ;)
  17. taxlady

    Kitchen Accident

    I don't like the wye peelers either. I tried one at a friend's house. It was the only kind she had. I hated it because, it felt clumsy. Luckily no injuries. I feel vindicated from hearing other people's experience with them.
  18. taxlady

    ISO recipe for canning pickled red cabbage

    Yeah, I was planning to make a small batch to see what I thought. And it's not like I can find the info on a Danish cooking site. They use a preservative called Atamon (probably only available in Scandinavia) comprised of sodium benzoate (E211) and benzoic acid (E210) instead of hot water bath...
  19. taxlady

    Song Title Game

    Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury
  20. taxlady

    Freezing pre-cooked spanakopita hors d'oeuvres question

    Thank you, Andy. I have saved it to CMT.
  21. taxlady

    Monday's Dinner - 9/26

    We had leftovers. We almost finished them all. It's nice to have that out of the fridge. The bit that didn't get finished is all in one small container. It should be a bit easier to find stuff in the fridge now.
  22. taxlady

    Freezing pre-cooked spanakopita hors d'oeuvres question

    Does anyone have a good recipe for spanakopita?
  23. taxlady

    ISO recipe for canning pickled red cabbage

    That's what I figured. That's why I am looking for a safe recipe that doesn't call for that step. It will probably be less like proper Danish rødkål, if I salt and drain it.
  24. taxlady

    Easiest soup to make

    I was thinking how handy this would be, so I copied the recipe. Ever make it with chicken stock instead of beef?
  25. taxlady

    Sunday's Dinner - 9/25

    I had supper planned and actually started. But, things were going wrong (the whipping cream was off and so was the bacon) and I had the stupid, which made it worse. I gave up and we ordered Chinese food.
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