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  1. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    Really bad day. He was on the base, with his head injury, neither one of us have cell phones, they wouldn't go get him and I couldn't cross. He had told me his vision was fuzzy and he had a headache. I told him to leave me at the gate--he had to get 8 'scripts. And then I fell to pieces. Really...
  2. CWS4322

    3/11/20 Wednesday

    Doctored frozen pizza. That was the best I could do after the day I had.
  3. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    I only got to the gate. I was not allowed on the base because I don't have a military ID and with the coronavirus "scare" he wasn't allowed to be my sponsor. Needless to say, today was not a good day and I had a PTSD breakdown. But, I was in the car with him R/T. Stopped myself from throwing...
  4. CWS4322

    Tuesday's Effort, 3/10...

    Your purse? :lol:
  5. CWS4322

    ISO help canning sauerkraut

    Should be. Take the first 1 inch off the top when you open it. We always strained the kraut and packed it in about 2/3 of the way and then added hot brine and flipped the jars once they sealed.
  6. CWS4322

    Mishaps and Memories ~ Adventures in the kitchen

    The first Christmas after my maternal grandma died, we had to have Christmas at home instead of with the tribe. Mom decided for some reason we had to have lutefisk on Christmas Eve. Out came the pressure cooker, in went the lutefisk with milk and butter. It wasn't long before the pleasant...
  7. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    And to think, they are not even your monkeys. :lol:What color wrist band does your unit use for SOGs? We are off to the base in GF, ND. I normally let him go by himself so I can have a quiet, uneventful day at home. Not today. Some of the old geezers from the curling league called to check in...
  8. CWS4322

    Who were the good cooks in your family?

    I was fortunate to be the custodian of my maternal grandma's handwritten cookbook. I recently had it scanned and sent pdf files to my cousins. I just couldn't send the "scent" which was that of my grandma's kitchen. That's mine, all mine.
  9. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    So far, he is. There is NO way I am letting him go to the base (GF) tomorrow by himself (approx. 5 hr R/T). It will stop someday, not looking forward to that day.
  10. CWS4322

    Tuesday's Effort, 3/10...

    No effort today--spent most of the afternoon at ER with "The Stubborn Old Goat." He fell on the ice curling. So, tonight was corned beef sandwiches (leftover) and leftover chili.
  11. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    While I met with the vicar (doesn't that sound like a sentence out of an English mystery novel?) my Dad was curling in the "old geezer league." I have been waiting for him to fall on the ice. Well, today was the day. Just got back from ER. He had a CT scan and blood work, no signs of a bleed...
  12. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    Organizing my Mom's memorial has been stressful. I have to meet with the vicar today. I have my Mom's nursing cap and her pin. Gotta take the nursing cap to the drycleaner to get it starched and shaped, taking her pin to my friend who is a jeweler to get it all shined up. Back in those days, the...
  13. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    Most unpleasant is one of saying it. A friend asked me why are you giving up your life? My answer was because I love them more. I have a band of angels behind me--I couldn't do this without my cousins who make sure I get out fishing when at LOW and prop me up when I fall. Maybe those 4"...
  14. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    Did I mention my new super power? I can break gaskets on kitchen sinks! When I cleaned under the kitchen sink last night, something I do regularly, I noticed that there was moisture on the pipe above the trap. So, being the ever conscientious daughter, I placed a cup underneath to see if it was...
  15. CWS4322

    What are you doing?

    Finally! Found my Mom's heating pad. Got it on my wanky shoulder--almost as good a soaking in a bubble bath!
  16. CWS4322

    The church breakfast/brunch

    Hiya! Welcome to DC!
  17. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    Love you back to the north side of heaven. Being a sounding board is good, PF. Need that.
  18. CWS4322

    M.Ed. - Research on Learning: Pretzel Making

    K=Lucky you--guessing the local churches don't do lutefisk and meatball suppers starting in November, either. I am just glad my Dad has agreed to pies for my Mom's memorial and not lutefisk! Although, I got a couple of cousins who would snarf it up if was prepared "proper." I would definitely be...
  19. CWS4322

    M.Ed. - Research on Learning: Pretzel Making

    Dangerous...those of us who grew up in Scandinavian homes were exposed to lutefisk--definitely LYE is part of that.
  20. CWS4322

    Official Dinner Thread for Monday the 9th

    I started "memory week" of meals my Mom used to make with her Crab and Shrimp Marinara.
  21. CWS4322

    Petty Vents

    You're preaching to the choir, PF. I know it won't get better. I've been down this road, I recognize the landmarks and the curves along the way. I know it will only get worse and I am torn--I want my life back, but I don't want to leave him. Hiding things is also part of it. I remember finding...
  22. CWS4322

    Weight V Measurement

    If you are transplanted to a country where metric measure is the norm, you can't help but think in metric units. I remember going into a fabric store in Ottawa. I had figured out how much fabric I needed in yards. The poor clerk had no clue how to convert this amount to meters. I had take the...
  23. CWS4322

    Need suggestions for finger food appetizers

    One of my favourites, okay, are baby Bibb lettuce "cups" filled with shrimp, topped with pico de gallo and avocado OR spinach balls with a greek yogurt mint lemon dipping sauce. Recipe, sorry, I don't have one, but a quick search and these are similar to the ones I used to make (they freeze...
  24. CWS4322

    M.Ed. - Research on Learning: Pretzel Making

    Welcome to DC! I posted a response to technique re: pretzels in response to your other post. The mention of yukone is how I get the texture I like for bagels. I don't recall my acquaintance boiling the pretzels, but I didn't often visit her in the kitchen until the pretzels were in the...
  25. CWS4322

    New To Pretzel Making

    An acquaintance of mine was a gluten-free baker. She was well known for her pretzels. She baked them on a double half pan--she put one upside down and put the other one on top--right side up. She sprayed the pretzels with a soda water baking soda "spritz" she also used pretzel salt--something we...
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