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  1. Cooking Goddess

    Soup weather Thursday supper, 2023 January 26

    First we split the one bowl of leftover cheesy cauliflower soup. Then we each had a fresh-made garden salad, followed by sharing the small amount of beef bourguignon. A bit later, we each had a slice of blueberry pie, picked up half-price off the day-old bakery shelf. Tomorrow I cook - unless I...
  2. Cooking Goddess

    To what causes have you donated money lately?

    It wasn't Phaedra who asked, Andy, it was SEEING-TO-BELIEVE.
  3. Cooking Goddess

    2023 Edition - What are you baking?

    That sounds interesting, @Aunt Bea Please give us a review when you taste it. I baked up a box mix of pumpkin muffins the beginning of the week, adding in golden raisins and walnuts. No photo because we ate them already.
  4. Cooking Goddess

    My DH’s Journey

    You need a couple of good hugs, @Kaneohegirlinaz. As long as your DH doesn't have to use that tendon to give you a good squeeze, better grab yourself a hug or two. If he can't use that arm, a one-arm hug is nearly as good. Hope he feels better soon.
  5. Cooking Goddess

    Stray Thoughts 2.0

    I wish the pounds would fall off of my body as quickly as the hairs are falling out of my scalp. *sigh*
  6. Cooking Goddess

    The Thankfulness Club

    I'm thankful that what I thought was a broken washing machine was actually a washer that needed to be "burped" - technology wise. Last week about this time the washer would spin, but no water was being sent up the drain. Himself pulled apart the filter area, I cleaned the pieces and parts while...
  7. Cooking Goddess

    Wednesday, 25th day of the year 2023 - supper

    @dragnlaw, it's only appropriate that you had Bush's beans seeing as how you must be bushed from snow shoveling. And I am a believer in an alcohol rub down after exercise - even if it's from the inside out. :LOL: We had baked pasta and cheese with diced ham, peas, and Roma tomatoes with...
  8. Cooking Goddess

    What does this cookie look like?

    @larry_stewart what do you expect from a person who tells you to bring your own meals to Thanksgiving? :rolleyes: She apparently lives on her own planet.
  9. Cooking Goddess

    What cookbooks that aren't newly published do you like the most?

    While I don't exactly "like the most", I am glad that I have an exhaustive reference book called "The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery". It was last published in 1971, as far as I can find. Himself bought it for me shortly after we got married. Figured if his Mom found it useful, I might like it...
  10. Cooking Goddess

    Happy Birthday CarolPa

    Hey stranger, I hope you are having a really good birthday today.
  11. Cooking Goddess

    What's For Dessert?

    Last week Wednesday I wanted fruit salad, but I was being clumsy that day. I did end up making it...and keeping all my fingers, too. :LOL: Since then I have made fruit salad four more times. Still no cut fingers. Banana, blueberries, cherries, orange, and raspberries. So tasty!
  12. Cooking Goddess

    Tuesday, 2023 January 24, what's on your plate tonight?

    We had soup, too. I made a pot of cheesy cauliflower soup with extra cayenne pepper. Who-wee, did that warm us up! Himself had some baguette with his. I'm waiting on bread, thinking of a half PB&J on homemade country bread for a bedtime snack. It is National Peanut Butter Day...
  13. Cooking Goddess

    Monday dinner, January 23, 2023

    We had most of the leftover beef bourguignon that hadn't been spirited away into the freezer, along with spinish salads. I call it spinish because there is way more on top of the spinach than bacon and egg - raw mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella cheese shreds, tomato.
  14. Cooking Goddess

    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    Never mind the oil bottle, that Kutztown pottery tool crock caught my eye! We have family in the Allentown/Macungie area.
  15. Cooking Goddess

    Chinese New Year - January 22, 2023

    What a great idea! We'll have to do that before February 5th. We had ham, potato patties, and French cut green beans - which were supposed to be French green beans (haricots vert) but I grabbed the wrong bag when shopping in a hurry. Still a "kiss the cook" meal.
  16. Cooking Goddess

    Measuring spoons I had never seen, now can't live without

    Now I want a set of the skinny rectangular spoons. :w00t: I have very nice Cuisipro measuring spoons that are skinny ovals, but the largest of them don't fit in my old spice bottles. I end up measuring out 3 teaspoons when I need a tablespoon.
  17. Cooking Goddess

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    Nice, @GinnyPNW. I haven't worn a watch in ages even though I have a really nice Bulova. Instead, I have used the timer on my cellphone so I can take my timer wherever I go. Pants with pockets have become a must so my arthritic hands don't drop it, though.
  18. Cooking Goddess

    Saturday supper January 21, 2023

    This is sooo good, but soooooo much work! I've been reminded of why I make it about once a decade.
  19. Cooking Goddess

    Saturday supper January 21, 2023

    We will be having the beef bourguignon, which I started making yesterday. I smelled it in my face towel, I smelled it in my pillow, can't wait to taste it in my mouth! The Jury is out on whether or not we have salads. What's sup' at your place?
  20. Cooking Goddess

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    @emilymh2018 Bubble and Squeek is also Colonial food - granted by way of the British. We had it ages ago at Chownings Tavern during our first trip to Colonial Williamsburg.
  21. Cooking Goddess

    Friday night dinner, January 20, 2023

    @Andy M., when you're retired every day can be whichever one you want, right? So...was that on your plate, too? On OUR menu, it was beef bourguigon. I got started too late, though. Fortunately, we still have leftovers. A small, open faced tuna melt earlier, a slice of chicken broccoli pizza soon.
  22. Cooking Goddess

    Thursday Supper, 2023 January 19

    We shared two different leftovers: ham and beans and collard greens, and roast pork with sauerkraut - which was a freezer diving leftover. I did make fresh mashed potatoes for the pork. :w00t:
  23. Cooking Goddess

    What are you eating Wednesday, January 18, 2023?

    Bought myself a dish brush that you can fill with dish detergent today. After managing to dribble an ounce or two of said detergent alllll over the kitchen counter, we made the executive decision to get take out - a chicken broccoli Alfredo pizza. :yum: It tasted extra good today. I still...
  24. Cooking Goddess

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    " looked like hell..." Well THAT'S a ringing endorsement, @Kaneohegirlinaz!
  25. Cooking Goddess

    Dinner - Tuesday, January 17, 2023

    I've had a taste for a tuna melt sandwich lately, and what The Cook wants The Cook makes - mostly. We had relish "trays" with Lifehouse Caesar dressing, half-sour pickles, and tater chips, too.
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