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  1. caseydog

    Hello, from deep South Texas

    Welcom from Frisco, Texas (Dallas). I am from Port Arthur, the bottom of Texas on the Eastern end. I used to be big into BBQ, with a big smoker and all. I have downsized, too. I now do small amounts of meat on a Weber Kettle. I also make my own rubs, because I'm on a salt restricted diet, and...
  2. caseydog

    For Dog Lovers

    I have a friend who is a retired dog show host. She was Best in Show at the Westminster show in 2014. She has some fascinatin, and funny stories about dog shows. BTW, to long-time members, Teddy (AKA psycho-poodle) passed away from cancer in August. For those who don't know, he is my avatar on...
  3. caseydog

    How do you de-vein shrimp?

    My hometown is right on the Texas Gulf coast, so I've cooked a ton of shrimp. The video MsMoffit posted above is perfect. BTW, always buy wild caught in USA shrimp, shells on. The cheap shrimp is usually farmed in some third-world country with no regulations. You want shell on, because the...
  4. caseydog

    Reflecting on 2022 Harvest

    Sadly, no harvest here. The drought and about sixty days over 100 degrees killed everything, except my five year old oregano plant, and it just barely made it. I grew some basil in a pot in my kitchen window, and it did okay. CD
  5. caseydog

    Can I cook baby back ribs more than 12 hours?

    I've never done ribs (or other BBQ items) sous vide, but I agree that you can go longer than 12 hours with ribs. Are you going to toss them on the grill after sous vide to put some browning on them? CD
  6. caseydog

    What's for Dinner, Friday, 2022, November 18

    Yeah, I get it. I was just saying I can't take credit for the recipe. CD
  7. caseydog

    Supper, Thursday, 2022 November 17

    Think of them as American poutine. :ROFLMAO: Basically, they are crispy fries, topped with shredded cheese, bacon, and other toppings. Mine had pickled jalapeños and some sour cream on the side for dipping. CD
  8. caseydog

    What's for Dinner, Friday, 2022, November 18

    It is a very basic recipe found all over the internet. Ms Moffit uses the same recipe. 1 cup white vinegar 1 cup water 2 cloves garlic smashed 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon salt 7-8 jalapeno peppers thinly sliced Combine the vinegar, water, garlic, sugar, and salt in a medium pot and...
  9. caseydog

    Supper, Thursday, 2022 November 17

    Cheese fries with bacon and home-pickled jalapeños. CD
  10. caseydog

    What's for Dinner, Friday, 2022, November 18

    Bagel (onion) cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce and homemade pickled jalapeños. CD
  11. caseydog

    What's your weather right now? 2022

    Winter has arrived, at least the Dallas version of winter. Right now, it is clear and 37F. CD
  12. caseydog

    Dinner Tuesday, 11-15-2022

    Poutine. This was my first experience making, or even eating poutine. CD
  13. caseydog

    In search of the best chili - so many spices to choose from

    Chili powder. I make my own from dried chilis that I toast in a skillet, then grind in a spice/coffee grinder. You get a lot more flavor than with store bought chili powder. Paprika. I would think smoked paprika would be used just for the smokey flavor. Just my opinion. Cumin. Called comino...
  14. caseydog

    In search of the best chili - so many spices to choose from

    Here is the recipe for the original "Texas Red" chili that I use. 2 ounces dried, whole dried chipotle and ancho (6 to 8 chiles), seeds removed 1½ teaspoons ground cumin seed ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Kosher salt 5 tablespoons lard, rendered beef suet or rendered bacon fat 2½...
  15. caseydog

    Soup Season, anyone got any upcoming soup plans?

    I just made a big pot of beef and veggie soup for my mom. I froze them in one-serving containers that she can heat up in the microwave. CD I also made a broccoli beer cheese soup a few weeks ago using a local Hefeweizen. CD
  16. caseydog

    Cheater Pizza

    Regular old toasted English muffins with sauce, cheese and whatever else you like, in the oven for 10 minutes, make good little pizzas. Even quicker and more efficient in a toaster oven. I learned this as a kid. CD
  17. caseydog

    Nat'l Potato Day ~ What's For Dinner? ~ 10/27/2022

    Buffalo wings for me. File photo -- I make them the same way every time, so why take a new picture. CD
  18. caseydog

    Petty Vents

    Ragweed pollen is in full production here, too. My eyes are constantly itching, so I am using allergy eyedrops any time I come in from outside. CD
  19. caseydog

    What's your weather right now? 2022

    Temperatures have moderated a lot. It is comfortable now. But, still no rain. We really need rain. CD
  20. caseydog

    What are you doing?

    It's not necessarily a bad thing that the roofer works for the insurance company. But, it can be. An adjuster came to my house with an inspector, and both said my roof qualified for replacement. But, some kid at the home office said the damage was less than my $1,000 deductible, and that the...
  21. caseydog

    Wednesday's Dinner - 10/5

    Breakfast for dinner night. Scrambled eggs with low sodium ham, mushrooms and a little bit of cheddar. CD
  22. caseydog

    How much was it like for $100 in the late 70's?

    On one hand, I see a lot of young people spending too much money on having the latest high-tech toy, eating out, and other things that aren't really "needs." But, one area I feel bad for them is the cost of a college education. With the help of my parents, and an after classes job of 30 to 40...
  23. caseydog

    Sausage with skin?

    Most of the chorizo I buy is in casings, even though I'm going to take it out to use it. I did finally find some in bulk form just last week. Believe it or not, I have a hard time finding really good chorizo in Dallas. It's Texas, it should be easy. BTW, I was born 10 miles from Woodbury. We...
  24. caseydog

    How much was it like for $100 in the late 70's?

    From the late 70s, I mostly remember 42 cents a gallon for gasoline for my car that got 8 MPG. CD
  25. caseydog

    Sausage with skin?

    When I encounter a sausage with a tough casing, I take a sharp knife (after cooking), cut a slit in the casing, and peel it off. It doesn't work easily 100 percent of the time, but usually does. Some sausages are meant to be peeled, or otherwise removed from the casing. I love boudin, and the...
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