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  1. larry_stewart

    Black beans and Sweet potato, great combo

    Im making some Vegan Tamales tonight. They are stuffed with a black bean/ sweet potato mix ( including onions, garlic Smoked paprika, cumin, Vegetable broth and S&P). I had my. reservations at first as I'm not a huge lover of sweet potatoes, but when I was picking at the finished combos it...
  2. larry_stewart

    Hot packing vs raw packing?

    Are there pros / cons of each ? (Specifically for string beans). I will be pressure canning all the extras tomorrow ( bought myself a 5lb bag to play with.)
  3. larry_stewart

    Reflecting on 2022 Harvest

    Having gotten my first garden catalogues for the next season today, I figured its time to reflect on the last season to see what the wins were ( and do the same for next year), and try to improve on the losses, failures and things that just did average. Just want too premise withers 3am, cant...
  4. larry_stewart

    What are some of your favorite Cooking themed movies (or cooking scenes from a movie)?

    I'm currently watching the movie "Chef". I've seen it multiple times in the past. About a popular chef who got a crappy review from a food critic.
  5. larry_stewart

    My canning Journey

    I didnt want to keep hijacking the Potato canning thread, so I figured this would be a spin off. I said in that thread that I wouldn't continue to pressure cook any more potatoes until I sampled the results. I haven't yet, but I didnt say I would pressure can other things lol. I was about to...
  6. larry_stewart

    Poorly Designed Measuring Cup Warning

    While making soup today, the recipe calls for adding 5 cups of hot water into the pot. I have an instant hot on my sink, so I got the water from that. I also have a 4 cup measuring cup, so I figured I'd take 4 cups then 1 cup. The sink is a few feet away from the stove top, so I filled the...
  7. larry_stewart

    Recommended Pressure Canner Brands

    I may be taking the plunge and getting a pressure canner in the near future. With the amount of potatoes I have ( and the amount I usually throw away do to sprouting or rotting), and have already made enough pierogi, French fries and other things to freeze, I think its time. Inspired by...
  8. larry_stewart

    Soup Season, anyone got any upcoming soup plans?

    For me soup season is every day of the year, but now with the cool weather settling upon us, It seems fitting to incorporate soups into our weekly menu. The few I have on the short list are: - Mushroom Barley : With the amount of mushrooms I've harvested and dried, I've been waiting all...
  9. larry_stewart

    Anyone ever try cooking spaghetti like this?

    I was thumbing through some headlines on the CNN site and came across this. Is was promoting Stanley Tucci's show on Italy.
  10. larry_stewart

    5000th Post!!

    Nothing really to read here, other that I'm celebrating my 5000th post in the forum!
  11. larry_stewart

    Homemade Ketchup?

    Anyone make their own ketchup? Im looking for a reliable recipe, preferably one that has already tried and liked. not just a gamble from an internet search. Also looking for one that can be canned for longer term storage. Doesnt have to be anything gourmet or exotic. Im perfectly happy with a...
  12. larry_stewart

    To refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question

    End of the garden season and I have dozens of unripe green tomatoes . I figured I'd make a batch of pickled green tomatoes, which I have done multiple times over the years. I use a recipe my father gave to me. Basically 2:1 water to vinegar, salt, spices, garlic. Bring brine to a boil. Let...
  13. larry_stewart

    Freezing pre-cooked spanakopita hors d'oeuvres question

    I'm going to be pulling up some chard from the garden to make room for the garlic I will be planting in a few weeks. I already have various forms of frozen chard saved from last year, so I wanted to do something different. I was hoping I could make some mini spanakopita and freeze them for...
  14. larry_stewart

    My Meyer Lemon Tree got itself another year.

    I bought this thing close to a decade ago. When I got it it had about 6 or 7 lemons on its already. They eventually matured, and I harvested them. I was excited cause its was the first successful citrus harvest I ever had. Since then, it flowers significantly, the house smells great, but no...
  15. larry_stewart

    Immature Butternut Squash

    I have a bunch of immature butternut squashes that likely will not have enough time to fully mature. Just curious if there is anything for me to do with them at this stage ? Its about 2 or 3 inches.
  16. larry_stewart

    Pruning and repotting my Bay Leaf plant

    The past few years I've been overwintering my Bay Leaf plant in the garage. It's more predictable than leaving it out all winter to face the elements. This year I want to prune it, save the leaves that come off during the pruning process and repot it. Any one have any suggestions on the best...
  17. larry_stewart

    Homemade Apple Cider, Yes, its that time of he year.

    For decades my family has been making apple cider, its kind of a welcoming fall tradition. My parents bought a hand cranked cider press. We ( the kids, grand kids and my parents ) would all go out east to pick apples from a local orchard. In addition we would throw a few of the crappy apples...
  18. larry_stewart

    Packaged Shiitake Mushroom Question

    I always keep a supply of dried shiitakes in my cupboard, as they are frequently used when I cook Chinese food. When I go to purchase them, there are about 4 or 5 different packages. Most labelled exclusively in Chinese, and a few in just clear bags marked with the price only. My question is...
  19. larry_stewart

    Making Tomato Paste

    With the over abundance of tomatoes from he garden and the decreasing abundance of freezer space, I decided too cook down some tomatoes to make tomato paste. It taste so good, I could just mix it with pasta and eat as is. Started off with about 6 1/2 quarts of strained tomato puree ( with aa a...
  20. larry_stewart

    Corn Starch to Liquid ratio for a Chinese white sauce question

    I often make Chinese Food. Primarily I make a brown garlic sauce, but on occasion (to mix things up a bit) Ill make a white sauce. I dont go by a specific recipe , I just do as I see fit until I get the taste and consistency Im looking for. I have no plans to make it in the near future, and...
  21. larry_stewart

    So what would you guys do with mushrooms that have a hint of almond smell/taste?

    As some of you may know, from other threads, Ive been growing different varieties of mushrooms. Some are ones Ive had before (Oyster, Shiitake). For others, its a first time experience. When comparing ( other than the shitake), the only differences other than what they look like, are the...
  22. larry_stewart

    Canning half pint instead of pint question

    Planning on making salsa today The recipe calls for pints sized jars As of now, I only have half pint. Im going to run to a local store to see if they have full pints, but if not, then Im stuck with he half pints. My question is, do I have to change the canning process ( time) if using half...
  23. larry_stewart

    Getting Cherry/Grape Tomatoes to adhere to bread

    Just to start things off, for as much experience and decent of a cook I am ( not to sound pompous, arrogant or conceded :wink: ), baking is not my thing. Not that my finished products are bad, they are often quite good. For me, its just messy and I dont enjoy it as much as throwing a pot of...
  24. larry_stewart

    Difficulty getting tomatoes dry enough to make tomato powder

    I ve been trying to dry tomatoes to make tomato powder. They do dry out, but not to a crispy consistency. they still have a little flexibility, therefore, unable to powderize them. Any suggestions ? is it a time/ temp thing ? Is it a humidity thing ? I have an excalibur dehydrator
  25. larry_stewart

    Interesting Dining Experience

    So my wife and I are away. Every time we go away, I search for food/ restaurant options that are either local/ specific to the area, or jus something we've never tried before. Im always looking for new tastes or ingredients to expand my culinary library and experiences. More things to mess...
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