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    Can I use the air fryer to make porridge?

    Are you referring to oatmeal or congee? For either, if you are working with limited space and equipment, you might want to invest in an Instant Pot. You can make either in that, plus a multitude of braises and other dishes.
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    Can a convection oven make chicken pie?

    If it's an actual air fryer, you may want to do some baking trial and error. Even though an air fryer in theory works like a convection oven, even the better ones don't properly circulate the heat under the food like a normal oven will. I have a really good Cuisinart brand air fryer and it...
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    Rib eye

    Flank popular? It's extremely overpriced due to the fajita craze many years ago. I don't believe I've ever gone to a steakhouse and seen flank on the menu LOL
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    Best reasonably-priced wine/food matches?

    100% correct. Not to mention that a huge number of red these days (especially Cabs) have Merlot, Petit Verdot, Syrah etc. in there as part of the blend. It's funny how so many people are predisposed to judge something based upon a label or a past experience. Things change, times change. Can't...
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    Rib eye

    Agree, with your two choices. Ribeye is the absolute best. The cap (spinalis dorsi) is the most flavorful part of the entire cow. Flat iron (might be labeled as top blade roast/steak, mock tender) is one of my favorite cuts as well, and it gets so overlooked. Very tender steak, and because it...
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    My beef short ribs are too greasy. Any way to degrease them before meal tomorrow? Help!

    If he had braised them that would work, but in this case there would be no braising liquid for the fat to rise on. @Mr. Tasty Remember beef ribs are one of the fattiest parts of the cow, and that's why they are so delicious. Trim as much as you can, and enjoy the deliciousness.
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    Regional Sauces

    Nevermind, I googled it. It's actually a marinade and basting liquid, not a sauce to be used for dipping.
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    Regional Sauces

    How do you incorporate the egg? Emulsify it into the sauce to help thicken?
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    How Long Do The Effects Of Brining Last?

    True, the thickness of the proteins should always be taken into account with brining. Coming from the restaurant side, I'm used to thick, double cut pork chops that hold up well. Most home cooks don't have access to that, nor do they prefer thicker cuts of meat.
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    How Long Do The Effects Of Brining Last?

    Why would you brine for just 1-2 hours, especially if you're not going to cook them right away? If you have time to spare, you may as well brine for at least 4-8 hours depending on your schedule.
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    Why do some people add wine when cooking? What is the logic behind?
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    Do some Europeans really eat kitchen detergent?

    A while back, I asked this of a coworker who was born and raised in England (Wokingham I believe if my memory is correct) and he confirmed this is a common habit--letting dishes dry without rinsing off the soap. He then said to me, "Why do you think the food in England has such a bad...
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    Why do some people add wine when cooking? What is the logic behind?

    Tannins and acidity in the wines help to balance out, and to bring out different flavors in the food. For example, straight lemon juice could make a dish too astringent, but the gentler acid in say, a white wine, will help to round out the other flavors in a sauce.
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    Service in Restaurants/eateries

    I think it's a two part challenge depending on the location and type of restaurant: Staffing. Many businesses are having trouble finding qualified and dedicated staffing to maintain service level and quality Generational. As time goes by, The standards of service that were constantly...
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    Dry roux gumbo...success

    Nice. I may have to try this one out.
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    Most profitable restaurants?

    By profitable are you talking about net profit or gross sales? On average a fast food type of restaurant probably makes the most in terms of net profit due to the lower labor cost (no hosts, bartenders, smaller kitchen staff, no chef, etc.) A high volume buffet or fine dining restaurant will...
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    Dry roux gumbo...success

    Nice! Just curious if you noticed any difference in the flavor with the dry roux technique vs. the traditional.
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    Favorite chef?

    No way, he's your cousin? I went to culinary school with him, but he graduated a year before me I believe. It's a shame that Town closed. His roasted chicken with torn bread salad there was really good. It's one of the very few chicken dishes that I would ever order at a restaurant that wasn't...
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    Favorite chef?

    1. Eric Ripert 2. Thomas Keller 3. Douglas Keane 4. Dominique Crenn 5. Jose Andres
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    ISO oyster sauce suggestion

    Agreed. This is the best one to get. It has the best flavor.
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    Brown vs. white rice

    That is incorrect. As taxlady mentioned, you need to double the water.
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    Easiest soup to make

    You pretty much chose one of the more technically difficult soups as your example of quick and easy, especially if you are not taking any shortcuts :ROFLMAO: For me it would be gazpacho. No cooking required, just blend and season.
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    Fall Menu - any ideas

    Braised Lamb Shank. Fairly easy to execute, and is a great Fall/Winter dish. Tons of recipes out there. Just google what type of flavor profile you want (i.e. Mediterranean, Asian, etc.) and you'll find something.
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    Sunday's dinner - 9/11

    Grilled Picanha, Smoked Paprika and Scallion Butter Fresh Sweet Corn, Brown Butter Everything is better with butter LOL
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